About the Cavazos Legacy

Welcome to the Cavazos Legacy!  Here, I will be documenting the story of Allan Cavazos and his family.  This is my first blog and Sims 3 story, so if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to comment or pm me on the Sims 3 forums!  My name on the forums is StripedGiraffe, and I will be making a thread for the Cavazos Family on the forums as well.

About my Game:

I do not have many expansions or stuff packs.  I have generations and pets, and two stuff packs.  I also do not have any mods or CC.  This does make the game limited, but I hope with the limitations, you all will still enjoy the story of Allan Cavazos.  There is also a glitch where my save files may become corrupted.  If that becomes a problem in the future, I will let you know.  The legacy will be on hiatus until it is fixed and working properly.

Rules of the Legacy:

1. Standard Sims 3 legacy rules apply.

2. I am not allowed to use cheats unless to prevent an unplanned death of a sim, or to use the resetsim cheat when necessary.

3. I will never change houses or active household.  The Cavazos family will always be living on the huge lot in Riverview.  Spares will be kicked out or moved out when needed.

4. I am going to randomize every name and trait, unless for story requirements.  I will also not influence any pregnancies, unless the story calls for it.

5. The heir of each generation will always be a son, but I will allow the readers to choose which son will be the heir.  If there is only one son, then he will be the heir.

So You Want to Read About the Family?

Current Heir: Allan Cavazos, Generation 1

Current Chapter: A Name for the Future – 1.1 Half Home

Want to read from the beginning?

Here’s the prologue to Generation 1!


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